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  • Materials

    High performance fiberglass and real wood full of character

  • Selection

    The right mix of premium replacement windows

  • Fit

    Every window arrives custom fit for better installation performance

Beechworth Windows are tested to exceed industry standards. We are proud to be associated with the most credible industry organizations:


Exterior Colors

  • Frost White
  • Sand Beige
  • Tudor Bronze
  • Cabin Brown

  • Pottery Gray
  • Onyx Black

Interior Colors

  • White
  • Primed
  • Pine

Hardware Color

  • White
  • Tan
  • Rustic Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel


Grille Patterns

  • Colonial
  • 6-Lite Prairie
  • 9-Lite Prairie

Grille Options

Simulated Divided Lite (Outside of Glass)
Grilles Between the Glass (Inside of Glass)

Removable wood grilles also available.

High Visibility Screen

Full-size, high visibility screen reaches the full length of the window so both sash can be open simultaneously without compromising the view.

Custom Fit

Your windows are made to custom fit your opening to the 1/4 in. increment.

Energy Efficiency with Beechworth Glass

All Beechworth Windows address these common issues related to high energy bills:


Solar Radiation

Air Flow Near Windows




Interior temperatures are cooler than preferred in winter (or warmer than preferred in summer).

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Engineered Composite Spacer

Very low conductivity of fiberglass and spacer means less energy passes through the window.

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Solar Radiation

Sun exposure affects room temperatures.

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Low-e Coatings

Coatings block solar radiation and reduce visible light transmittance.

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Air Flow Near Windows

You feel air movement around the windows.

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Argon Gas Between Two Panes of Glass

Argon gas shows the movement of air by buffering interior and exterior temperatures.

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Choose the right glass packages based on your window’s location, direction and seasonal climate. Three options offer you flexibility.

Low-E Coatings 2 soft (resistance to heat lost through radiation) 3 soft (added resistance) 3 soft, 1 hard (extreme resistance) Coatings reduce the movement of heat energy to inside of the home
Includes Argon Gas Yes Yes Yes Reduces the movement of heat due to differences in interior and exterior temperatures
Visible Light High Medium Medium Lower visible transmission indicates that less light will affect (fade, discolor) interior furnishings
U-Factor Low Lower Lowest U-Factor is the measure of the flow of heat through a window. The lower the U-Factor, the better the insulation
Condensation Low Low Low Indicates possibility of condensation