Fiberglass Windows are Strong

When comparing fiberglass windows vs. vinyl windows, it’s important to look at the strength of each material.

  • Fiberglass moves 12x less than vinyl for a more stable window, season after season
  • Less chance of window seal failure, condensation, air leakage and warping

Download our Fiberglass Windows VS. Vinyl Strength Comparison to learn more.


A Beechworth fiberglass window is a lot stiffer than vinyl meaning

  • It won’t expand and contract like vinyl, which can cause window failures
  • It has thinner frames to support more glass
  • It has less air leakage due to having a stronger frame
  • Its strength enables it to last longer
Strength in Fiberglass Windows
Failed vinyl window - Seal failure causing condensation between the panes

Why settle for less?

Fiberglass performs where vinyl may not.

  • Due to the higher impact strength, fiberglass holds up to hail damage
  • Fiberglass doesn’t distort with sunlight or crack with winter temperatures
  • Fiberglass windows last longer than vinyl windows *

* University of British Columbia Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 2008


Maximize your natural light

  • Since vinyl isn’t as strong as fiberglass, more material is needed to make their bulky frames, reducing your glass space
  • More glass space in a fiberglass window not only makes it look sleek, but allows for more light to pass with better views
  • Given the strength in our fiberglass, we can produce larger sized windows than most vinyl manufacturers

Long lasting color

Fiberglass has a major color advantage over vinyl due to its UV resistance, especially with dark colors. Beechworth fiberglass windows have an industry leading AAMA 624 Paint Certification.

While fiberglass windows don’t require any painting, if you decide to change color one day you can! Another great benefit over vinyl.

Onyx Black Beechworth fiberglass window