A good contractor is going to have all appropriate licenses, permits, certifications and a copy of insurance handy.

Speaking to other homeowners they have done work for is a good way of gauging how they perform out in the field. A contractor should also be providing you a detailed written estimate to help ensure the product says with in cost.

All window openings need to be measured, and to avoid future problems its a good idea to check the wall structure when the windows are completely removed.

Day of Window Installation Preparation

There are some tips to ensure the project goes smoothly.

  • Clear the space. Remove items that are around both the inside and outside of the window, your contractor will need space to access the windows
  • Remove items from the walls. Hammering can cause items hanging on the inside of the exterior walls of the house to fall
  • Remove curtains, blinds and shutters.  You may be able to keep the hardware, so discuss with your contractor first
  • Make sure furniture and floors are covered. This usually is done by the contractor to prevent your house from getting dirty

Your contractor most likely will have their own list of recommendations for window replacement preparation, its a good idea to review them prior to the day of install.