Why choose Beechworth fiberglass windows and doors?

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Finishes That Compliment Your Home Inside & Out

Our french style sliding patio doors are durable to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

With a range of choices, both inside and out, all the details add up to a gorgeous doors that will change your view.

Exterior Fiberglass Finishes

Each finish resists peeling and cracking so your windows retain their beauty over time

Frost White
Sand Beige
Cabin Brown
Pottery Gray
Tudor Bronze
Onyx Black
Interior fiberglass Finishes

Our two- and three-panel French-style sliding doors
are available in select sizes and feature fiberglass on
both the interior and exterior.

Finished White

Hardware & Screens

The finishing touches that bring your windows to life.

Our durable hardware is stylish and easy to operate, while the Beechworth high visibility screens provide you with clearer views compared to regular screens.


Our durable, all-metal designs are as strong as they are beautiful and are warrantied for 15 years.

Brushed Nickel
Rustic Bronze

Our high-visibility screens come standard with every Beechworth window and offer clearer views compared to traditional window screens.

Simulated screen views

Add Some Style with Our Customizable Grilles

Different grilles provide a different feel for your house, but they also help to control airflow and light. They provide security for your home, making it safer, and more attractive.

With four styles to choose from, we have the grille for your taste.

No Grille
9-Lite Prairie
6-Lite Prairie
Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

These grilles achieve the authentic wood look by adhering to the exterior glass panes, with finishes to match any of our window colors.

Grille Between Glass (GBG)

Machined from solid pine, our interior wood finishes bring the warmth and atmosphere of real wood into your home.


Patio doors secure as they are strong

Still securing your door with a 2×4 or broomstick? Beechworth patio doors come with an optional footbolt for added security.


Want More Technical Info?

Check out all the fiberglass replacement patio door docs in the Resource Center.


The Best Way to Build a Window

From the beginning, we kept asking ourselves, “What is the best way to build a window?” At Beechworth, fiberglass is the answer.

Fiberglass is not a new material; it’s found everywhere, from boat hulls to home insulation to car bodies. The same qualities that make fiberglass ideal because of its strength, resistance to the elements, and lightness make it the cornerstone of our fiberglass replacement windows.

Fiberglass vs. Vinyl

Contractor’s Point of View

“Beechworth presents you a higher end window that makes your home comfortable and look nice.”

Beechworth Warranty Details

The average cost of Beechworth Windows beat the national average cost for all-wood windows by 12%.

  • 20 years on the glass components
  • 15 years on accessories: exterior trim, locks, lifts, hinges and handles
  • 15 years on exterior finish in all colors

For more warranty information or to get a quote, message us or talk to your contractor. We can also help you find a contractor.

Building on 130 years of Experience

In the tradition of our parent company, James Hardie, we’ve innovated new ways to manufacture windows. Our fiberglass replacement windows solve the issues of old and low-quality windows and are backed by an industry leading building material manufacturer.

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